Delectable Listening

Delectable Listening

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Romance Is My Coffee, and I Add a Little Sugar



Every morning I disentangle myself from my husband slowly. Trying not to wake him, carefully sliding his arm from its resting place in the curve of my hip, slipping my leg from between his.  He hates that I ease out of bed before he wakes.  For him it feels like I’ve slipped off to the arms of another lover, and in a way I have.


Treading down the dark hall with delicate steps, I make my way toward the soft light spilling from my little recording studio.  It’s all set up for me, left just the way I like it, ready for me to curl up on the ottoman and slide my headphones into place.  I click the microphone on and fall into a fantasy world where a young woman loses control of herself in the arms of a god.  Every kiss, every caress is made all the more real by the quiet of the morning and the remnants of my own dreams.  I can feel the words even as I say them.  They rouse me, ready me for whatever else the day will hold. They are my coffee.  Then I head back to my husband’s arms for a little bit of sugar.

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