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Authors Are People, Too.


Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the author.  This is particularly true for those of us who are bookish.  I know.  That seems counter-intuitive.  But hear me out.  Those of us who think of books as friends, who can’t wait to fall into this alternate reality and lose ourselves (or discover ourselves) in what we find there are often so good at it that we forget authors exist as real flesh and blood people with lives and families and feelings all their own.  The name printed boldly on the cover is a human, not a mere collection of words on a page.
Of course I always knew this was true on an intellectual level, but feeling it is true is something entirely different.  That didn’t happen until I began to work with authors much more closely in the deeply personal process of creating an audiobook.
"Deeply personal?" you might ask.  "That’s a bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it?"   Yes. For some. But stop to think about it for a moment.  As an author, you likely have spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours living with your story in your head.  The characters speak, they act, they move, they think—but all in the author’s head.  They have been living in there.  Growing in there.  Becoming who they are and quietly changing the author in the process.  Quietly being the key.  Many authors have never heard their prose spoken aloud before putting it in the hands of a narrator.  It can be scary.  A bit like sending your first born off to kindergarten.  Will she be understood?  Will she be mistreated?  Will she grow?  
Some hover like overprotective parents, wanting to be involved in the development of every character voice, every pause, every breath.  Others are more hands-off but no less caring, delivering their prize into the narrator’s hands and holding their breath until the finish.  But whatever the approach, it always reveals a bit of the author's personality.  It peals back a bit of the protective layer to reveal the human underneath.  Seeing the artist so exposed has forever changed me as a reader.  Hopefully for the better.
The journey from print to voice can be unnerving. Each author chooses her best path, and I smooth the road where I can.


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